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The business and corporate metaverse

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Your Tribe, your place in the metaverse

Tribe hub


Innovation and web 3.0 presence for your company


The academic experience at a level never seen before.

Social Innovation

Collaboration with social organizations to impact the world.



Your co-working at the metaverse

Increase your team’s productivity with a dynamic, modern and fun work environment with spaces that allow for simultaneous collaboration.

Wevers Network

Wevers Ventures

Wevers Lab


In our Fintech tribe, we connect Brokers, academies and the world’s most prestigious Fintech and Defi digital communities in the metaverse.

Sports, arts, music and entertainment



Welcome to your tribe.

Your place in the Web 3.0 and the metaverse.

Planet W, explore the future

The possibilities for growth are limitless.

What is the metaverse?

“By 2030, the metaverse could generate between $4 and $5 trillions around the world.”

– McKinsey & Company

Wevers Meta Agent 3.0

Wevers Team

Nelson Espinoza
CEO & Founder
Esteban Merizalde
Business Development Vice President & Founder
Andre Jaramillo
Head of Marketing
Rodolfo Rodríguez
Sales Vice Presidente & Founder
David Treus
CMO & Founder
Hamza Fathallah
CFO & Technology
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